“Best in Wilderness” – since 1973

Harriniva Hotels & Safaris is a family business already in it’s third generation. Today, the family Pietik√§inen operates in five different locations. Harriniva, Jeris, Torassieppi, Galdotieva and Kilpis.

At these destinations, you can experience memorable adventures in the most authentic nature of Finnish Lapland with over 400 sled dogs, over 100 snowmobiles, reindeer and a floatplane. You will also find 100 saunas, a snow hotel and dozens of wilderness cabins in the Fell Lapland region.

We want to bring our customers to the true wilderness, that is not much left in Europe. We are a year-round operator who produces full-service experiences with the “Best In Wilderness”- idea. Welcome to visit our various destinations! Which of our destinations would be your dream vacation destination?


“We visited Harriniva last year in February and had a wonderful journey! Great place, friendly people, amazing guides, super safaris, super nice dogs!” -Igna, Belgium