12 x better than carbon neutral!

We had our net carbon measured in Torassieppi and results were quite positive!

Pallas-Ylläs TOBE low carbon is a low carbon project which aims to calculate and reduce carbon footprint in the National park of Pallas-Ylläs and it’s partnering companies surrounding the park. Torassieppi our eco-resort which is located just next to the national park is taking part in the project and we just got out initial results of our carbon footprint.
At the moment we bind 12 x more carbon than we release in the air! 



Overall annual carbon footprint of Torassieppi is a tad under 40 tonnes of CO2 equivalent


But because Torassieppi has vast forests that annually bind carbon whopping 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent our start balance is that Torassieppi binds 12x more carbon than it releases! But we know it’s easy to say that we just have enough forest to compensate our footprint. Here’s a short list we’ve done so far in Harriniva for sustainable tourism:

– Our three resorts Harriniva, Jeris and Torassieppi have been converted into using exclusively geothermal heating in 2015-16. This reduces the consumption of oil used for heating by 200, 000 litres every single year.
– We have chosen green electricity. This means that the electricity we use is 100% renewable.
– All of the waste from our onsite Arctic Sled-dog Centre is composted and together we are partnering with the Muonio Municipality in vital research towards a bioenergy project which studies the options of recycling this bio-waste into energy.
– We have Electric car charging points at two of our hotels and are researching the potential benefits to introducing them to all of our properties.
– We recycle and reduce waste in all of our hotels and wilderness cabins.
– No paper or plastic disposable dishes are ever used, on the safaris and outdoor dining we use washable cups and plates from Kupilka, which are 50% wood and 50% recycled plastic.
– We minimize towel changes in our accommodation which directly translates to less water consumption and pollution.
– We only use unleaded gasoline in our snowmobile safaris which has completely removed this heavy pollutant that does damage not only to the environment but also to the people who are exposed to it.- 95% of our snowmobiles now operate a 4-stroke engine which are quieter, faster and cleaner which offer smoke free riding to protect the environment.
– We work hard to raise awareness of changes to the environment with our guests and how their actions at home can directly impact on locations such as ours.
– Our activity programme all operate with environmental consideration, for example our safaris only follow marked trails to protect the flora and fauna elsewhere. consider natural awarness as our obligation when operating in one of the few unspoilt areas of the world, close to great Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and in the reindeer herding areas.leaner


Carbon footprint, how about carbon handprint?


Carbon handprint is a new term launched just recently. Where carbon footprint describes our impact on environment, carbon handprint describes the actions and positive results on the environment. Besides our numerous actions to reduce our impact last winter  of 2019-2020 we offered our guests a possibility to compensate their holiday by taking part in our Plant a tree programme. This summer of 2020 we planted just over 2000 trees to nearby areas of Torassieppi!
Our goal for next summer is to triple the amount to 6000 trees.

If you wish to know more about our sustainability programme, have a look at our Sustainable Harriniva-site!

More info about carbon handprint here!

Torassieppi – Tradition and nature close to national park

In Torassieppi you will find a cabin village, a caravan park, an organic and local food restaurant, a reindeer farm with museum, husky farm,
Winter Village and Aurora Dome luxury tents. The original reindeer farm dates back to 1847.

If pure nature, clean food and natural wonders are close to your heart, Torassieppi is your destination both in summer and winter. Hiking trails start straight from the yard, restaurant services are available daily and the reindeer farm and the husky farm are a great place to visit and meet the animals. Location on the shore of Lake Toras-Sieppi allows
adventures on crystal clear waters, for example, on our canoeing trips.

The Torassieppi is the perfect spot for enjoying the Midnight Sun, Autumn Colours and Northern Lights. Take your holiday experience to a whole new level by staying at Aurora Dome, where you can admire these natural wonders right from your bed. If you are looking for activities on your vacation, you can choose from a wide range of activities.
For example, husky, reindeer and horse activities.

“We do not own the land, we are just borrowing it from future generations”

Written by Antti Pietikäinen – Wanderer of the woods