5 reasons why you should spend your holiday in Harriniva

Surrounded by clear-flowing waters and high-rise fells, Muonio hides a magnificent resort for nature lovers. Harriniva Hotels & Safaris offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy your holiday in Finnish Lapland. Here is the list of 5 reasons why you should spend your holidays in Harriniva’s destinations.


1. Green holiday

Traveling to Harriniva is a true eco-work and you reduce your carbon footprint by choosing us as your destination. When you choose Harriniva as your holiday destination, you choose an operator who is a pioneer in responsible tourism in Finland. It also makes the journey little greener when you get to breath the cleanest air in the world here in Muonio.



2. Enjoy pure local food

Harriniva’s restaurants favor local and fresh ingredients. If you prefer organic food, the Torassiepi Cottage Village’s organic and local food restaurant is your destination. The basic elements of the food are reindeer meat, fish from the nearby lakes and berries and mushrooms from the nearby forests.


3. Memorable Activities

As a guest of Harriniva, you will not spend your vacation in bed! Numerous activities guarantee a memorable stay. Animal lovers will find husky, reindeer and horse activities. For the fisherman, Muonio River offers a great opportunity for fishing. If you are looking for something faster and more exciting, you can throw yourself into the wild river rafting from which no one can get out dry.



4. Stay in your own way

Do you want to stay in a fabulous suite, be in the privacy of your own riverside cottage or sleep in your own tent? Decide yourself! You can make your stay an unforgettable experience by choosing a Tentsile Tree Tent that is hanging on the air. Or choose a real “glamping” accommodation, the Aurora Dome luxury tent, which allows you to follow the wonders of nature directly from your bed.


5. Easily get to us

What is your way to travel? Do you want to drive your own car at your own pace, sit in the bus and read your favorite book, enjoy the changing scenery in the train or do you want to fly fast to your destination? All these ways brings you close to us when you leave for a holiday in Harriniva.