adopt a husky

Tourism in Lapland has stopped. So has all of our husky tours. Snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes are easy to put in storage but our four legged friends need food and caretaking on daily basis. This is where we need your help!

Harriniva Arctic sleddog centre needs your help!


Covid-19 virus has put our business on hold and the upcoming winter doesn’t look that promising. Biggest concern we have at the moment is our four-legged friends. Snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes we can leave in storage but our husky teams need food and caretaking daily.
In order for our sleddog centre to survive the upcoming winter we’ve set up a programme called Adopt a husky.
You can help us to cover the food and medical costs of our huskies and at the same time purchase a safari for when the time to travel comes.

In return we’re offering virtual tours to our sleddog centres in Harriniva and Torassieppi.
We are also going live on social media where you get to know the daily routines with huskies and ask any questions you have in mind.
You will get monthly updates from your husky, pictures and video from the training and safaris throughout the year!
You can take a virtual guided tour around our kennel and take part in training the dogs.
You can also take a virtual husky safari in the surroundings of Torassieppi


Book your your tour at the same time

When you take part on the programme you’re also purchasing a gift card for a husky tour in the future!
Gift cards are valid until end of winter season 2022. You can also donate or give the gift card to somebody as a present.



Our huskies to adopt

Arctic sleddog centre of Harriniva has 8 packs of huskies and Torassieppi has 2 packs of huskies.
Each pack has around 50 huskies and. One guide is responsible of one pack.
Besides the guides we have seasonal guides and professional animal keepers.
From each pack we’ve chosen a puppy, full time worker and a senior husky.

Piitas husky pack


Male, age 7 months

The most clever one out of HarryPotter-litter, 
a schoolboy who does everything right and he really wants to please you.
High hopes for becoming a leaddog. 



Male, age 7 years

Vonkkibonkkie, forever child, forever crazy jumper, but most likely the strongest male of pack. Vonk loves food and bitches. Wheeldog. 


Male, age 10 years

Mörkö is that trustworthy player, who runs with everyone and everywhere in team. Little bit shy sometimes, name doesnt tell it all (in english bogeyman). Part of moominfamily.

Mariannes pack


Male, age 5 months

Very cuddly and brave, learning many new things every week. Likes to be scratched more than his brother Odin. 


Male, age 5 months

A bit more wilder and more careful compared to his brother Balder. Does everything for treats. 


Female age 10 years

Nickname of her is Princess Pearly since she is so sweet. Very playful and really good teacher for young dogs. Charming to her fellow dogs and loves big cuddles. Leaddog

Esas pack


Female, age 1,5 years

Promising young leaddog who charms with
her beautiful eyes.


Male, age 9 years

Who wouldn’t love Hamlet and who Hamlet wouldn’t love? Most likely the most wellknown charmer of our kennel! 


Male, age 11 years

Number one leaddog of its own kind, one person dog. 

Mekus pack


Male, age 7 months

Charming little hasslemaker, who loves attention.
This winter will prove what he can do.


Male, age 3 years

Teno is machoman, who is pretending to be such a badass, but is also same time cuddly teddybear. 
Leaderhope for future. 


Male, age 13 years

Loud, greedy and stubborn. Really good puppyteacher, even though he is loud he can’t stand puppy being loud or wild. 

Lindas pack


Female, age 1 year

Out of litter of 8 Kitkat is the smartest, calmest and most obedient. 
Future hope as a leaddog? Time will tell! 


Male, age 4 years

Strong in team, playful at the kennel.
Clever, but when females are in heat then he tends to 
loose his ears. 
Wants to please you. 


Male, age 12 years

In team he runs as wheeldog, at the kennel teaches puppies and is easygoing with everyone.
Slowly retiring, the most 
easygoing dude in the world! 

Hanskis pack


Male, age 8 months

Lively but really humble, might become promising leader.
Loves all kind of treats!


Male, age 3 years

Strong and calm leaddog, strong workattitude. 
Little bit shy, everybodys friend with a huge appetite. 


Female, age 12 years

Loves people, and likes to talk, super grandmama who tells youngsters how to behave. Intelligent and calm number one leaddog. 

Catherines pack


Female, age 7 months 

Lively girl has been pulling well at walks and is not afraid of anything. Enjoys mudbaths. 


Male, age 5 years

Really good and strong worker, who loves people but can be ”a little rascal” also.
Behaves like an angel when he can be close to a group, but if he is further away then he can open carabiners and eat harnesses.


Male, age 10 years

Older gentleman whose age you cant tell. Runs in the lead. 

Petris pack


Male, age 9 months

Promising youg male, named after finnish songwriter Vexi Salmi.
Lively and fast young fella.


Female, age 6 years

Fast number one leader, who doesnt care so much of other dogs company.
Loves to be pet by human. 


Female, age 10 years

Number one leader who is slowly retiring, Pimu has teached many other leaddogs.
She can also smile when she is being pet. Charming lady.

Esas pack


Female, age 1 year. Siberian husky

Siberianhusky. Young futurehope, who has bits of own head and is made for running by every inch. Loves to be cuddled, humble and wellbehaved. 


Female, age 8 years. Siberian husky

Siberianhusky. Always full of excitement, who loves attention. Self-willed who doenst like wrong person to put harnesses on or attach in pullinglines. 


Female, age 9v, siberian husky.

Before we had something to stop climbing out of the fence she was in front of the sledge eventhough it wasn’t her turn to go on a safari. So you could say that she has more than enough of energy! Biegga enjoys being scratched and noted.

Markos pack


Female, age 10 months

Jenna has joined to autumntraining really promising, has lot of eagerness for working. 


Female, age 7 years

Number one leader, she keeps on going also when weather turns bad.
Teamplayer, who has teached many dogs for leading. 


Male, age 8 years

Fast customerleaddog, who can also run in guide’s lead.
Teaches puppies how to behave and is father also by himself.

adopt a husky for
1 month

With 1 month membership you are buying food and medical costs for one husky. Membership includes a visit to the Arctic sleddog centre to meet your dog and get to know the everyday life of a husky

adopt a husky
for 6 months

With 6 months membership you are buying food and medical costs for one husky for half a year.
Membership includes a 9km husky safari for one person.
It also includes a visit to the Arctic sleddog centre to meet your dog and get to know the everyday life of a husky

adopt a husky
for 1 year

With 12 months membership you are buying food and medical costs for one husky for a year.
Membership includes a 15km husky safari for two people.
It also includes a visit to the Arctic sleddog centre to meet your dog and get to know the everyday life of a husky

Prices include vat 24%. All the funds from the programme is used solely on the welfare of our huskies.