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Harriniva Hotels & Safaris Christmas Advance Information



During your stay with Harriniva Hotels & Safaris you will be provided with thermal winter overalls, mittens and boots. To ensure that we have the right sizes available when you arrive, we kindly request your sizing details in advance.

If you have booked a programme that includes a private meeting with Santa, we require some additional information to make the experience even more unforgettable. Please tell us 3 short but interesting facts about each child or their life, so that Santa has something that he can talk about with them. These facts can be, for example, where they go to school, their favourite hobby, their pet, something that they did. Remember that Santa is old and his memory isn’t what it used to be, so please keep it to three single facts only and keep it brief!

If you have more adults and children in your party than there are spaces on the form, you can click on the link at the very end to fill out another form.
If you have less in your party, just skip past the additional pages.

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Christmas advance information

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