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Below you will find Harriniva Hotels & Safaris covid-19 policy
We strive to give you the perfect holiday experience
but in these times this will require some extra effort

 Harriniva Hotels & Safaris Covid-19 information


At Harriniva Hotels & Safaris, the wellbeing of our guests, visitors, and the team is our main priority. Therefore, we have made precautionary measures based on guidelines from our local health authorities to ensure that you feel safe during the whole visit.



There are no entry restrictions for guests arriving from EU and Schengen. Travellers are still bound by Communicable Diseases Act and should be prepared to show proof if EU Digital Covid Certi1ficate. Please check Finnish Border Guard Website for more detailed information.


  • Our staff is trained in hygiene protocols that prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and to make you feel safe.
  • Our staff wears masks indoors.
  • We make sure to keep a safe distance between guests and the team.
  • We clean and disinfect surfaces frequently throughout the day with special attention to high-touch areas.
  • We have hand sanitiziers in lobbies, restaurants and restrooms.
  • Our drivers will pick you up from the airport with a disinfected vehicle. If you are in a joint transportation, we kindly ask you to wear a face mask until you get into your accommodation.
  • We offer cash-free methods of payments in the restaurant, bar and reception.
  • We have enhanced the daily cleaning in all of our facilities.
  • Number of persons in hotel guest saunas is restricted.


  • Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, which can be found in hotel receptions, lobbies, restaurants, buffet tables, bars and restrooms.
  • Plastic gloves are also available at the end of buffet tables, and we recommend to use them when you take something from the buffet.
  • We recommend our guests to wear masks in public areas whenever possible. You can purchase a mask from hotel shops in case you didn’t bring one with you.
  • During overnight safaris wet wipes and hand sanitizer are provided for hand hygiene.



  • Because most of our activities take place in the great outdoors, spread of germs is unlikely.
  • Remember to keep distance also outside.
  • Balaclavas and such are washed between each use.
  • Guests who have received a full course of Covid-19 vaccination are allowed to take part in activities that include overnight stays in wilderness cabin
  • In the Arctic Sauna World the number of guests is limited



  • Guests who need to be tested prior returning to their home country can get tested in Muonio public health centre.
  • If you have any symptoms, please avoid contact with others and get in touch with our reception for further information.
  • If you need a pre-departure PCR test, please note that you can only get tested Monday – Friday, and that it may take 24h to receive the test results.


We want to secure the health of all our guests and employees, so please do not visit our hotels or restaurants if you have coronavirus-related symptoms.
Our employees are also not allowed to come to work if they show any symptoms. Further information on coronavirus symptoms is available here.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and follow the recommendations of our local health authorities.

Here are some websites that provide more information about travelling to Finland during the corona pandemic: