Torassieppi has been awarded their Green key - certificate

Green key?

Green key is an international enviroment certificate which has been given to over 3200 travel destinations in over 60 countries. Initially the Green key programme has been designed for accommodation businesses. It takes into account all the special features the accommodation business has. It is also designed to be practically implemented.

The purpose of the Green key programme is to bring enviromental awareness and promote sustainable travel. Green key certified destinations are committed in bringing enviromental awareness to staff and guests, more efficient use of energy and water and reducing enviromental stress. Destinations also have responsibility in following the criteria and monitoring the results. One aim of the programme is to motivate staff and guests to participate in saving the enviroment.

Green Key – program runs under FEE:n (Federation of Environmental Education). In Finland Green Key certificates are given out by a company called GoG Oy which is owned by FEE Finland. FEE Finland is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to promote sustainable developement in Finland


Protecting the enviroment and culture


“Destination promotes the wellbeing and diversity of surrounding nature. It also implements culturally sustainable travel while protecting and valuing local way of life and supports vitality of the area.”

Torassieppi has started plant-a-tree programme in the Surroundings of the destination. Our guests can also take part in the enviroment work by purchasing a tree during their holiday or by learning how to plant a tree in summertime. 

The Lapinkartano Manor is the heart of the Torassieppi reindeer farm.


The reindeer farm has been owned by the same family since 1847 and the reindeer herding has been practiced here for over a hundred years. Lapinkartano has also been a hostelry, where the reindeer sleigh safaris with tourists have stopped on their way from Muonio to Pallastunturi.

In the manor house and in the reindeer museum you can explore the history of the reindeer farm. The museum features original equipment used on the farm. Every object has its own mission here and each has its own story. There is a good reason why the farm and all the equipment still exist. During the Lapland War (during second world war), there was no roads to Torassieppi, so the village and Lapinkartano Manor was not destroyed like most of Lapland.

On the farm, you can meet our reindeer by the fence where they live and they are fed. You can come to admire and greet the reindeer. You can also buy treats for reindeer from Torassieppi’s restaurant and feed the reindeer by the fence.

Participating the staff and guests.


The Management of Harriniva, destination manager of Torassieppi and the person in charge of enviromental issues have implented the enviroment acts to use and they are check several times during one year. Besides spreading enviroment awareness Torassieppi offers a sustainable alternative in recycling, reducing water use, cleaning the rooms and changing the towels and bedsheets.

In restaurant we use locally produced food, recycle bio waste, glass, metal and plastic. We are also committed in reducing the amount of plastic waste

Green activities

“Green key promotes guests towards more green and sustainable activities”

All of the activities in Torassieppi are carbon neutral or they have been off-set.
During summer we also rent out canoes, rowing boats, stand-up boards and fatbikes

Reducing the use of water and energy.


Showers and faucets of Torassieppi are updated to reduce the use of water consumption and discharge. The biggest improvement in Torassieppi was when the oil heating was replaced with geothermal heating system.
Also the electricity used in Torassieppi is 100% renewable!


Restaurant Torassieppi has 40-seats and it does not serve á la carte dishes, but a weekly circulating menu that represents traditional Finnish cuisine with a modern twist.  The restaurant focuses on serving organic and local food, which is based on reindeer meat, fish from nearby lakes, berries and mushrooms.




Sanna Pietikäinen
, Destination manager of Torassieppi and person in charge of enviroment holding the Green key certificate

-Starting points for Green key certificate
in Torassieppi were really good.
The sustainability program of Harriniva and the sustainability acts already done in Torassieppi guaranteed the involvement of management and staff in the project.

-Biggest work must have been changing
the faucets in toilets and kitchens.
Otherwise most of the criteria was implemented in use before the project.
In this case we just needed to document the acts.