Greetings from husky farm

slowly but surely the winter is coming to the husky farm

So did fall change as winter, and when writing this I see big snowflakes falling from the sky. This year winter came later than last year, but as pretty it is. People from Muonio got to join amazing iceskating weather, when the lakes got icecover.
On the weekend we went with Linda first sledgetrip for this season, it was rather bumpy still. 

Past live broadcasts

Below you can have a look at our past live broadcasts from Harriniva and Torassieppi

First sleigh ride – live

Harriniva – Live

Torassieppi – Live

how are we doing here?


Situation is serious. December and January doesn’t look good. Hotel Jeris and Torassieppi are partly open and accommodation has been booked but bookings on husky activities have been quiet. We hope that you would share our Adopt a husky programme in social media so that we would get more visibility.  Also if you have a gift card, please remember to use or pass it on to somebody so that our huskies could go and run. In the end that is their basic instinct. This year christmas doesn’t really feel like christmas. We are so used to work in christmas and now suddenly all the spirit we’ve had in the past years with our guests is gone. Could be that I will shed some tears. Or actually i’m doing so already while i’m writing this. Your help means us incredibly lot! Your help means a world for us! 

Best regards from husky farm


Greetings from husky farm

Arctic sleddog centre of Harriniva has 8 packs of huskies and Torassieppi has 2 packs of huskies.
Each pack has around 50 huskies and. One guide is responsible of one pack.
Besides the guides we have seasonal guides and professional animal keepers.
From each pack we’ve chosen a puppy, full time worker and a senior husky.

Piita’s pack


Dobby has joined autumntraining pretty well, though in the beginning he tried to take a collar off, and even unleash himself out of the harnesses. Also icy puddles were super exciting places, which Dobby was really afraid of in the beginning. But now it’s going really well, and with roommate Aune is fun to work with! Dobby has got also extraname from me, mister lazyfatso. 


Vonk is being himself, crazy jumper but in other hand really cuddly. Nyt he is going through hard times, because many of the girls in close by fences are in heat. But that doenst have affect on Vonkkie’s huge appetite, food goes down quickly anyway. Vonk is little bit crumpy towards Dobby once in a while (they live together), but let’s see how they get along, other one has to become higher. They both are quite tough and determinant boys.  


Mörkö has been running in training with his young roommate Marsu. These boys don’t have much brains together, but we have always made it there, where, that you don’t always know. Mörkö moved one month ago to live with young Sirius, but he didn’t really like it, Mörkö was just sitting by the door and waiting to get out. So I had to move him back to his old mates Mörkö and Marsu 

Marianne’s pack


Balder started training last month a a pulling. It’s going quite well and he’s enjoying to be with the other dogs.  

He also stopped stealing his brother’s food during the feeding, what I think is very important. We teach every dog to eat from own cup, so less stress when it’s, dinner-time! He’s a smart boy, so he will still learn a lot. 


Odin started training last month in a pulling team. He’s still sometimes a little bit insecure, so he needs a little bit more time and practice. But we take it slow, there is no rush this year.  

So to build up his confidence with the other adult dogs, it’s good to go free running and playing with them as much as possible. And of course snack-time breaks he loves the most.  



They say, the older the dog gets, the wiser and the more independent they get, Pearly certainly ticks that box.

Although she’s 10, no training has been skipped. Pearly is super motivated, energetic, happy and sweet as always. 

And in the mean time, when she has her focus back on the human kind; then non-stop cuddles and scratches are her favorite relaxing moments.  

Stay tuned,  

Next month Odin, Balder and Pearly will go training /sledding together!  

Esa’s pack


“ We agreed with Esa that I start training in second leader’s place with my sister Sandra. We get support from each others. Training has been going well, and I have a great gang of girls who I live with.” 


“ This special fall has been interesting, because I’ve got to join training with new mates, mostly young ones. It’s nice to show for young ones how to work. I’m really sad since there was no tourists coming in beginning of December like normally does, because those people really understand how I should be pet. And especially those kids! 


“Every morning I wait if Esa is coming to serve me breakfast or somebody else. When I see it’s him, I get excited, I know that soon I will be attached in pullinglines and I can start show youngsters where to know, by listening commands from Esa. It is highlight of the day! And for you I can tell this, we can take a selfie with Esa , if he agrees with it. We are rather similar with him.” 

Meku’s pack


Wombat has joined training really well. He is patiently waiting in lines, even though he is excited. When pulling, he can little bit too excited, if there is a dog tangled, it is most likely Wombat. Wombat needs a friend next to him who tells him to stay on his own side. 


Teno has got this fall responsibility as a number one leader. There is big hopes for him, will he be as good leader as his father? He can do commands already pretty well, and opens deep snow too if underneath is a old track.  


Pallas is as greedy as always. He is really wibrant for his age, age haven’t changed his behaviour at all. Few times when we have been going for a trainingrun Pallas have run back to his fence. Quite clear way to tell that no training today, please! 


Linda’s pack


Kitkat is doing well with basic skills. When putting harness on, she is sitting still and calm, and also training is going really well! She comes to me when she is being told, atleast most of the time. Before Kitkat gets her food, she sits down and patiently waits that she is being told that she can start eating. “Food is good and training is so much fun!” – Kitkat 


# enjoys when there is finally snow! He has been playing a lot with younger ones, and has been like a little boy. In a team every place is under control, and he has been running in a lead also. So he has some head to lead the team. # is tough but also so playful cuddly young boy. 


Pavarotti is enjoying food and freerunning with others. He has started to appreciate his own time too, and loves still cuddles. Pavarotti is also wondering where is all our tourists, since he has been the one everyone goes to cuddle. Pavarotti has been teaching really well young dogs, and is still excited to work. Healthy, happy and sweetest Pavarotti sends greetings and hugs for everyone! 

Hanski’s pack


Outa was long time in hospital because of a scratch in his paw, but now it’s healed and he is back to work. Outa got to join for a first sledgetrip of his life and enjoyed it a lot! We had to little bit still focus on the behaviour, Outa has so much energy and excitement still. 


Leimu ran last week first time in number one lead, and look, he took commands! Then I put him together with Kaiku and it went really well. Kaiku was completely fine with Leimu next to him, and they worked really well together. Now I really hope that Leimu learns commands this winter and would get some convidence as a leader. 



Petra is spending her halfpensionerdays, but is still running in a team, with a little girls excitement. Petra aka Petu is really good and calm teacher for young dogs, just yesterday she ran in lead with 2-year old Jursinov and did really well. She don’t have speed anymore like when she was younger, but eagerness yes. On the evenings after trainingday she likes to curl up in the corner of a couch and enjoy some liverpate 

Catherine’s pack


“ This running and pulling in front of the quad is really nice thing to do. I could go more often. My fostermum Naali has been telling me that normally when we have snow , then we have these “cuddling-people” coming to drive with sledges with us and even sometimes stay in a forestcabin with us.  There you get a lot of cuddles. I hope some of these humans find a way to come here and take me for many runs and give me a lot of cuddles.” 


“ Catherine once tried to use me as training leader. All went well until we got to the first crossing. She might have wanted to go the other way than me, we stopped there for a long time and she was calling these commands at me. I was a bit confused so I decided to just to make a u-turn and go home. She was not so pleased with me… Since then I was running as wheeldog.” 


“ I think I start to get these commands a little bit better. Sometimes I try the wrong way but if I listen well Catherine tells me exactly where I should go and then I can also make my girlfriend Quiet turn the right way.” 

Petri’s pack


Vexi has been running wild and free, when Petri has taken his group for trainingrounds. Since he is still young, he has only once in awhile tested how it feels to be attached in pulling lines, otherwise freerunning. Vexi is such clever young boy, supel lively, and roommate Juice is also taking good care of his training to become wellbehaving husky. 


Sarek is being herself, grumpy. If others are taking care of Petri’s dogs, there Sarek is in her hut, slightly giving her paw and turning her belly up for some scrathcing. Sarek has been busy in autumntraining, since she is a commandleader,  and actually most of the time she has been running with her mother Pimu. 


Pimu was for a while at our doghospital, her roommate Estelle lost her nervs when she was in heat, and girls had a little fight. Few weeks we were cleaning the wounds, and finally Pimu got to go home also. Life is in peace now with Telle again. So now Pimu is enjoying her time at home, and on trainingrounds. 

Esa’s pack


During the last year, there has been huge difference in Piika, she has calmed down a lot. Became adult as you can say. Training has been really well, when she haven’t been using energy in hassling aroung, instead focusing on working and pulling, and saving energy for that. Of course just a bit before start she gets bit wild too. Last week we went for a longer run too, and on new track where dogs haven’t been for this fall yet. It is great to see how excited leaddogs are when you tell them to go somewhere elsewhere than normally. Piika has been also focusing on teaching Saara, and they’ve been running together. 


Has been running rather many times with Piika in the lead. She is passing really well neighbour’s dog and also the horses. Speed just goes faster and faster when there is something exciting on the track.  Commands she doesn’t know yet, but when we start driving with sledge and with smaller team, it is easier to teach and go from track to track. Should also take Saara more back in the team, so she would learn trotting more. Now she has been running so much in the lead, and when she is so excited to go and keep lines straight, she tends to gallop a lot. then she would have better stamina for longer distances when learning more to trot. But such a promising young girl! 


Life is still rather relaxed in Bieggas life, she enjoys when first snow came so trainingloops are on different tracks now, that is fun! Biegga got a new roommate this week, Jabba. She still lives also with Quentin, her old roommate, but now they got a third one in fence. All of them get really well along.

Marko’s pack


Jenna have had many trainingdays, and she got to go for a run with her brothers Togo and Balto too. In the beginning she was a bit shy, but when they had little startwrestling was it fun after to run around in the kennel, go training and after that relax freerunning. Jenna is definitely not missing any speed! 


Jody has been opening trainingtracks after the snowfall. She was really excited when she got to run in a lead with her friend Pahis. All the training in general has been going well, and we are really waiting for some customers. 


 Buddha got a new roommate when Kenai moved in with him. Before that Togo, 11 months was living with him. Boys have been getting really well together. Buddha have been running in a lead in trainingrounds too. 


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With 1 month membership you are buying food and medical costs for one husky. Membership includes a visit to the Arctic sleddog centre to meet your dog and get to know the everyday life of a husky

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With 6 months membership you are buying food and medical costs for one husky for half a year.
Membership includes a 9km husky safari for one person.
It also includes a visit to the Arctic sleddog centre to meet your dog and get to know the everyday life of a husky

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With 12 months membership you are buying food and medical costs for one husky for a year.
Membership includes a 15km husky safari for two people.
It also includes a visit to the Arctic sleddog centre to meet your dog and get to know the everyday life of a husky

Prices include vat 24%. All the funds from the programme is used solely on the welfare of our huskies.