Greetings From Interns

It’s been six weeks since we started our internship as content creators at Harriniva. We got to know Harriniva’s winter activities and create content on social media platforms. These last six weeks were filled with new experiences and insights, which we will tell more in this writing.

The past few weeks of our intern have passed fast, as there has been many interesting things for us to do. We were encouraged to work independently and bring our own insights into the world of content creation. For six weeks our cameras and phones were always ready for a shot.


Snowmobiles on the lake


During the first days we were introduced to the world of video production. We were involved in making a video to guide Harriniva’s customers to the basics of dog sledding and winter dressing. The highlight of the first week was the evening spent in the Arctic Sauna World and the spectacular northern lights captured on the camera.


Huskies running on the ice


Our most memorable job was taking over Harriniva’s Instagram account. On that week we were able to introduce Harriniva`s locations and activities. At Torassieppi we got to meet reindeers, horses and huskies. Jerisjärvi was a place for snowshoeing and mountain biking. At Harriniva we raced on ice karting ring and met more huskies of course.

We participated on a full day snowmobile safari with a group of French guests. Perfect weather and snowy landscape of Muonio was more than fine. A two-day husky safari to Nivunkijärvi hut and back was an unforgettable experience. Due to a heavy snowfall this season we did some unofficial measurements of snow depth and learned a thing or two about sustainable thinking here at Harriniva.


man admiring the fells


These past six weeks have been an eye opener for us. There`s just so many ways to create content. One of the biggest challenges was to be able to convert our rather creative ideas into reality with skills and resources at hand. All in all, our training here at Harriniva was highly educational, interesting and challenging experience. Coming in as a trainee can be intimidating but for us it was made easy. From the first day we felt welcome and our ideas were listened. It was nice to be part of Harriniva staff and we wish all the best to everyone here.

– Sanni and Timo

Here is a video from the husky safari we got to participate in, please enjoy.