Five different holiday destinations – Five different experiences

Five holiday destantions – “Best in Wilderness”

Harriniva Hotels & Safaris & five holiday destinations:

Today, the family Pietikäinen operates in five different locations. Harriniva, Jeris, Torassieppi, Galdotieva and Kilpis.

At these destinations, you can experience memorable adventures in the most authentic nature of Finnish Lapland with over 400 sled dogs, over 100 snowmobiles, reindeer and a floatplane. You will also find 100 saunas, a snow hotel and dozens of wilderness cabins in the Fell Lapland region.

We want to bring our customers to the true wilderness, that is not much left in Europe. We are a year-round operator who produces full-service experiences with the “Best In Wilderness”– idea. Welcome to visit our various destinations! Which of our destinations would be your dream vacation destination?


“We visited Harriniva last year in February and had a wonderful journey! Great place, friendly people, amazing guides, super safaris, super nice dogs!” -Igna, Belgium

What kind of holiday destination do you want for your holiday in Lapland?

After an active day, do you want to enjoy the nightlife at Hotel Harrinivan’s Bar North, or do you want to spend your night in Torassieppi‘s special accommodation Aurora Dome or in Snow Hotel?

Of course, you can go and enjoy several days on husky safari, staying in different cabins every night in the beautiful nature of Lapland. If your holiday is all about relaxing properly, your destination is Jeris and Arctic Sauna World. Four element saunas guarantee relaxed mind and body.

If you are looking for an adventure in the wilderness, you may want to head further north to Galdotieva or Kilpisjärvi, where you can conquer Halti or admire the nature above the tree line.

If you have any questions about a particular holiday destination or anything else, you can always be in touch with us via chat or message form!


You will find nothing in the middle of Jeris. From the nature of Lapland on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi.


Hotel Harriniva is located next to the Muonio River and right next to Pallas-Ylläs National Park. Here you will find a variety of accommodation, delicious restaurant services and amazing activities.


Organic and local food, exotic accommodation close to nature, Santa’s reindeer exercises, reindeer farm museum and much more.


Welcome to refuel yourself and your car in Galdotieva, the last stop before the Norwegian border.


From Kilpis, you can book a flight to the most exotic fishing waters in Lapland or start hiking in completely new terrains. We also rent inflatables, SUP boards, kayaks and snowmobiles.