Hotel Jeris

Nestled between the fells and the magical lake Jerisjärvi

Hotel Jeris and Arctic Sauna World are located on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi next to Keimiötunturi fell. Pallas-Ylläs National Park and cross-country skiing tracks are located just next to the hotel. The 10 km long Lake Jerisjärvi and the quiet location of the hotel tend to counterbalance the hectic atmosphere of the big cities.

Located on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi, Arctic Sauna World is a great place to wash off sweat of outdoor activities, relax in five different saunas and take a refreshing dip in the lake. There is 15m wide area in the lake, which is kept free of ice with pumps.

There are also cross-country skiing tracks in the vicinity of Jeris.

You can also reach the hotel with snowmobile from Muonio, Levi and Ylläs.


Opening times

27.11.22 – 10.4.23

Reception 08-22
Breakfast 08-10
Lunch 12-14*
Dinner 18-21*

Contact information:

Hotel Jeris
Jerisjärventie 91
99300 Muonio
+358 400 177 600

*Book in advance


  • 27 rooms
  • 35 cabins
  • 4 Aurora dome luxury accommodations
  • Arctic firefox lodge
  • Landscape restaurant
  • Piilopaikka-pub
  • Arctic Sauna World


Renovated in 2019, the 130-seat restaurant of Hotel Jeris has traditional style, a warm atmosphere and a retro spirit in keeping with the history of the hotel. Wide windows opening onto the lake brings the pastel shades of polar night, the blue moment and the morning sun to your dining table. In front of the large open fireplace in the restaurant, a beer, wine or coffee gets its own touch of smoke aroma and the spirit of the place.

In addition to breakfast and lunch and dinner, our restaurant serves à la carte dishes.



PUB Piilopaikka

Downstairs in the pub you can have a drink and relax by the fireplace. There are also books and board games for your use.


The 27 rooms at the Hotel Jeris are ideal for couples, people traveling with friends and for families. We also offer accommodation for larger groups. Rooms are decorated in an elegant wilderness style. All our rooms have a private bathroom and toilet. All hotel rooms, restaurant and Arctic Sauna World in Jeris has been renovated in summer 2019.

Beautiful cabins in Lapland. In the vicinity of the hotel you will find the cottages of Jerisranta, which provide comfortable rooms for couples, small groups of friends and a family with 1-2 children. All Jerisranta cottages have a kitchenette, sauna, toilet, fireplace, drying cabinet and TV.

The Jeriskylä cottages are situated a short walking distance from the hotel in a beautiful location in the middle of nature. The cottages are available in two sizes, the larger of which have two bedrooms and the smaller one bedroom. The cottages can accommodate 4-6 people. All of Jeriskylä’s cottages have a kitchen, sauna, toilet, fireplace, drying cabinet and TV.

You will also find the beautiful Aurora Domes in the vicinity of Hotel Jeris. The Aurora Dome gives you an unique opportunity to follow the wonders of nature, such as Northern Lights and Midnight Sun directly from your bed.
It’s a good idea to add this experience to your bucket list!

Double / Twin Room

 Hotel rooms with a touch of Lappish quality, refurbished in 2019.


  • 1 double bed and possibility of an extra bed
  • Sofa bed for one person
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Hair dryer
  • Rooms are located in the main building

Cabin A – Jerisranta

Cozy log cabin situated between the lake and the hotel with own sauna

  • Sleeping alcove with 2 beds
  • Sofa bed for 1 adult or 2 children
  • Fireplace
  • Seating area
  • Kitchen with stove, fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee maker
  • Bathroom with shower and sauna
  • Toilet
  • Clothes drying cabinet 
  • Max. 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children

Cabin B – Jeriskylä

Spacious log cabin next to the forest
with own sauna and fireplace

  • 1 bedroom downstairs with 2 beds
  • Mezzanine with 3 beds
  • Fireplace
  • Living room
  • Kitchen with stove, fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee maker
  • Bathroom with shower and sauna
  • Toilet
  • Clothes drying cabinet 


Cabin C – Jeriskylä

Spacious log cabin on the edge of the forest
with own sauna and fireplace


  • 2 bedrooms downstairs with 2 beds
  • Mezzanine with 3 beds
  • Fireplace
  • Living room
  • Kitchen with stove, fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee maker
  • Bathroom with shower and sauna
  • Toilet
  • Clothes drying cabinet 


Aurora Glamping

Spend an extraordinary night glamping under the northern lights.

Aurora hut

The unique AuroraHut glass igloos are a Finnish innovation, and the compact and
eco-friendly huts are comfortable to stay in around the year. An Exclusive Nature Experience Around the Year Enjoy a spectacular nature experience in the comfort of your own AuroraHut glass igloo, go to sleep admiring the starry sky and wake up to the beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

The AuroraHuts offer a perfect setting for star gazing, Northern Lights viewing and admiring the midnight sun. The double bed guarantees a good night’s sleep, and energy efficient heating makes sure you stay warm and cozy also in winter.

Repo – Arctic Firefox Lodge

Spend an unforgettable night in the luxurious
Northern Lights accommodation – Artic Firefox Lodge.

Enjoy a wonderful panoramic sauna with a magnificent view directly over Lake Jerisjärvi.
In the atmospheric lodge you can admire the starry sky or the northern lights.
Sofa bed for two adults and a child and the possibility of an extra sofa bed for a child.
Arctic Firefox Lodge rate includes breakfast and entrance to the Arctic Sauna World.


Opening behind Hotel Jeris, Pallas-Ylläs National Park offers a great setting for crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing in wintertime. Treeless mountain peaks and ski resorts are a short drive away. You can also rent snowshoes, bikes, snowmobiles and camping equipment.

We also offer complete winter equipment for package tours.

We offer experience of many years in Lapland’s most popular activities, including reindeer and snowmobile safaris, as well as husky sleigh rides.
See all our adventures in our online store!
See the maintenance status of the Muonio trail network here.

In Retkikartta map service you will find the desert huts, skiing trails and snowmobile trails in the vicinity of Hotel Jeris.


Arctic Sauna World


Five saunas between the fells, next to the national park
on the shore of the sacred lake. 

Arctic Sauna World is located on the shore of Lake Jerisjärvi, next to the Pallas-Ylläs National Park in connection with Hotel Jeris.
Lake Jerisjärvi is a sacred lake for the Sámi, known for abundance of fish throughout Finnish history.

Arctic Sauna World is a unique place with four elements; earth, water, air and fire. In Finnish folk tales, Löyly is synonymous with spirit,
and part of our soul in Finnish mythology. For us Finns, the sauna is a place for relaxation, meditation and mental and physical cleansing.

The four elements are known around the world. We have created four saunas for you to balance your elements through our saunas. These saunas; Tapio, Ukko, Ilmatar and Vellamo represent elements and our traditional gods and goddesses.

If you wish, you can book our fifth Repo sauna for private use.

Contact information:

Arctic Sauna World
Jerisjärventie 91
99300 Muonio
+358 040 183 1973

Arctic wellness

Arctic sauna world – treatments

make your sauna experience even more enjoyable!


Classic / sport massage

20 min / 45 €
45 min / 65 €
60 min / 79 €
75 min / 89 €
90 min / 115 €

Classic heat massage:
45min / 75 €60min / 89 €

Head and masseter (jaw) massage:
45min / 75 €

Classic / sport massageTraditional nurturing massage done with classical style.
This massage is good for nurturing, recovering and relaxing your muscle aches.Classic heat massage: This nurturing massage combines heat treatment and traditional massage.
Warm stones makes your body relaxed and traditional massage helps stress and tense muscles.
Organic massage oil gives a hint of luxury into my efficient and relaxing massage.
This massage is good for recovering and relaxing massage for everybody who loves heat.
Head and masseter (jaw) massage:

In this massage i will treat neck, shoulders and and also masseter massage. I also treat masseter muscle inside the mouth.
During the massage I place warm stones on your body to help you relax. This massage is good for those who use a lot of their voice and for those who grind their teeth or feel tension in their masseter.

Ask for availability from reception or
040 768 8864 / Soile

Soile Sivonen – Arctic PoweRelax
Koulutettu hieroja
+358 40 768 8864