Sustainable Tourism


At this time of the year many of us are planning our winter holidays.

There are many choices to make and expectations to fulfill. And also, many things to consider, weigh the importance of the choice. Holiday leaves a memory trace to your heart but unfortunately it can also leave a trace to the environment of your holiday. What can you do to reduce that trace to be able to enjoy your holiday whole heartedly? In contrast to carbon footprint, which refers to the negative environmental impact caused by greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of a product, the term carbon handprint refers to the positive environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. Carbon handprint generates from material use, lifetime and performance, carbon capture and storage, energy use and waste.



In Harriniva we are privileged to be surrounded with wilderness and cleanest air in world.

We have been committed on being a pioneer in responsible tourism both in Finland and worldwide. We are surrounded with clear blue lakes and rivers with endless fishing opportunities and drinking quality water. Lapland is called ‘Europe’s last wilderness’, there are approximately 1,8 persons /km2 and 2,5 reindeers /km2. Finnish Lapland is the world’s largest organic wild food picking area, with a whopping 9 million hectares of organic picking grounds. Here everyman’s rights give the permission to pick the organic mushrooms and berries freely. The Lappish Culture heritage is important for us, the Pietikäinen family that owns the company in 3 generations descends directly from the Sami indigenous people, from the family of Vasara.



Harriniva is not ready with everything but is fully committed in this journey of sustainability that we are taking together. These are some examples of the various things how you can create you carbon handprint during your holiday in Harriniva and take part in our journey towards becoming carbon neutral.

* Think before packing what you really need when travelling to us. Reducing the weight of your luggage directly affects the emissions of your journey. We provide you with all the outdoor equipment needed (boots, woollen socks, hat, gloves, overall) The weight of the set provided from us weighs 4,8 kg for an adult and 2,9 kg for a child. Hopefully you can reduce your luggage weight in relation to this..

* Recycling points are offered in all our hotels for the next season. You can recycle various articles with us. As we are located on a remote area it is not yet possible to recycle everything, but we are working with influencing the recycling possibilities on this area. At the moment when staying with us you can recycle bottles, paper, batteries, plastic, metal and glass. Some of our destinations also offer the recycling for bio waste.

* Daily cleaning is not automatically included in your stay, you can ask for it from our reception. We don’t automatically change your linen during your stay. If you wish to have your linen changed you can contact our reception. Towels are only changed during daily cleaning when they are left on the floor. We are aiming to cut down needless cleaning and laundry, but we are here to serve you when you wish to have day cleaning or change of towel/ linen. Just contact our reception. 

* The tap water in Finland is clean and drinkable. You don’t necessarily need to buy drinking water in a bottle. Our selection offers also refillable Harriniva bottles you can fill in from your room and use again. 

* It is also important to remember to shut down lights and other electronical equipment when leaving your accommodation. Windows should be kept closed and let air conditioning to do its job. All the electricity we use is green and our heating is geothermal. The most important rule in being carbon neutral is to avoid wasting the natural resources.

* Plant a tree – Tree represents everything that Harriniva is. Without the forests surrounding us there would not be nature tourism. We want to take all our guests to the wilderness, forest is not something to be feared, but something to be embraced. Tree – forest – wilderness, a route for finding your connection with nature. You can offset the carbon footprint of your holiday with us by planting one single tree. Want to join us?

* You can also remind your friends about being responsible and spread the word via social media.



With these small but important things you can impact for the future of our planet.

As a company Harriniva is doing already many things and getting better all the time.

Visit our Responsibility Action Plan for more information. On spot at our destinations our staff is more than happy to tell you about our work on making Harriniva Hotels and Safaris products more and more sustainable.



Live responsibly!