Here you can find useful tips, when you are dreaming of a holiday in real Lapland or when you want to know more about us and the natural wonders surrounding us.

Harriniva is a family-owned business, with five destinations located in northwestern Lapland, next to the most beautiful fells and untouched wilderness. Founded in 1973, Harriniva, with its solid experience, produces a memorable holiday that is sure to be told at home. We feel that our mission is to act as responsibly as possible in the field of tourism and to teach the same ways to all our guests.

It’s easy to come here! Come, for example, by flying to the nearest airport in Kittilä. We arrange field transfers on request. You can also reach Kittilä and Kolari by train, from where you can continue by bus to Muonio. With our own car, it is easy for you to come here by driving the roads number 21 or 79. With own car it is easy to visit Sweden and Norway.

All five locations in Harriniva family are located in unique environments that allow you to take apart on unforgettable activities such as river rafting and several-day long husky safaris. Our locations are also well suited for admiring the wonders of nature, such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Hotel Harriniva, Hotel Jeris and Torassieppi are located just off the Ylläs-Pallas National Park. Muonio is known as the happiest town in the world and that might be affected by the fact that here you breathe the cleanest air in the world.

Sustainable Tourism

Harriniva Best In Wilderness responsible tourism background and facts.

Harriniva Hotels and Safaris operates in Muonio-Enontekiö area, in West Lapland, directly next to and partly also inside the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park that has according to WHO studies the cleanest air in the world.

We at Harriniva see us to be privileged of the surrounding nature, of which we must all take really good care. We have been committed on being a pioneer in responsible tourism both in Finland and worldwide.

We are surrounded with clear blue lakes and rivers with endless fishing opportunities and drinking quality water. Lapland is called ‘Europe’s last wilderness’, there are approximately 1,8 persons /km2 and 2,5 reindeers /km2. Finnish Lapland is the world’s largest organic wild food picking area, with a whopping 9 million hectares of organic picking grounds. Here everyman’s rights give the permission to pick the organic mushrooms and berries freely.

The Lappish Culture heritage is important for us, the Pietikäinen family that owns the company in 3 generations descends directly from the Sami indigenous people, from the family of Vasara. Sami are the only indigenous people in Europe. 

Northern Lights

All about Northern Lights – learn more about amazing Auroras!

You might have heard that Northern Lights start from the sun and collide in the atmosphere giving the light phenomena when returning from excited state to zero state and so on with the scientific stuff.

Its nice to know where it comes and what happens. But that doesn’t take you far. If you actually want to see them, read on.

What you need to know is where, when and how you can see them.


Muonio is situated straight under the aurora oval which circulates the magnetic poles. We are approx 69 deg Northern latitude. This means that we have auroral activity every second night without any special events in the sun.
The more south you go, the more activity you need to see the auroras. So make sure that your holiday is enough up north to maximize your chances of seeing the auroras.

Locally thinking its good to have a clear view to the north skies and minimal light pollution in the surrounding area. Rule of thumb is that if you can see the stars you can see the auroras too. Check beforehand which way is north. It would be good to have a small open area, river or lake pointing towards north. This way you can see low in the horizon.


Timewise auroras tend to show up between 8-12 pm. During bigger aurora storms the time window can stretch up 4pm-07am. When auroras show up they stay in the sky at least for 10-30mins. They tend to pulsate making small shows with brighter colours and speed. Then they calm down to a single arc in the north sky. In order to spot the most beautiful shows you should be prepared! Once you know that the auroras are starting, dress warmly and stay outside for a bit longer. When the climax arrives, you dont want to miss it whilst getting dressed in your room!


Weather-wise Lapland is quite stable, the current weather changes slowly. Whereas in the coastal regions weather can change quite fast. This means that here in inlands cloudiness forecasting is easier and more reliable. Lucky for us local weather areas tend to split when going north. If it’s cloudy in Muonio there’s a good chance that clear skies are 1h drive away. Statistically November is the cloudiest month of the year.
Besides that the optimal time is between September and mid April. There is a small increase in activity during equinoxes. So around 21th march & 23th September your chances are 15% better.


Old Finnish belief says that auroras come when it’s really cold. Luckily we can see them always when the sky is clear. In the mid winter we can have freezing temperatures down to -30 degrees. A nasty side effect is that lowlands close to habitat tends to fog up blocking the visibility a bit. This are the temperatures you want to get higher up!

We organize snowmobile tours to nearby mountains or fells as we call them. Trips take you above the treeline and also above foggy areas. Temperatures also tend to rise by approx. 10 degrees when climbing up (inversion phenomena). Treeless mountain tops offer a once in a lifetime view of the night skies.

Thick snow covered trees with clear landscapes stretching 100km on each direction.

Midnight Sun

Welcome to enjoy Lapland’s Midnight Sun, time when you shouldn’t go to bed at all.

The midnight sun, which is also known as the nightless night, begins in Muonio on 26th of May and ends on 18th of July. During this time the sun does not set completely, so you can enjoy the sun all day until July 18th.

At nightless nights, the time on the clock may surprise you and the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about it. Light is enough to enjoy nature, even in the middle of the night. If you want to get the most out of the midnight sun, we recommend taking part in our Midnight Sun horse safari or staying in the Tentsile Tree Tent or in the Aurora Dome luxury tent where you can enjoy the magical nightless night on your own bed.

Clouds are the only obstacle for enjoying this northern wonder and what is finer than go and admire the sun in the middle of the night to the top of the fell, to the river bank or to the lake shore.

You should not sleep during these nights, you can do it later in the autumn!

How to get here




We recommend Kittilä airport. From the airport you can continue your journey in several ways to our destinations. You can book a taxi through us, rent a car directly from the airport, or use daily buses. When searching for suitable flights, we recommend searching those from at least the following airlines:



With OnniBussi’s extensive routes you get to Muonio from anywhere in Finland. You can also use Matkahuolto’s buss connections.


You can take a train to Kolari, which is 75 km from Muonio. The rest of the trip goes quickly with a rental car, or with taxi that you can book from us. You can also take your car on the train and continue you journey with your own car.



Is a great way to see Finland and make it possible to get around to experience and visit our different locations. Remember to check your car’s condition before leaving for the road trip north.