Thick snow covers the crooked pines, bends the candle spruces and softens the fjellscape.

Winter came late to Fjell-Lapland and this years polar night was dark and misty. Actually December usually goes in a small hibernation when coping with darkness. January third polar night ended. Dark fog faded away and the long waited landscape of snowy dreamland opened up all the way to horizon when sun created its orange shade on snowflakes.

Disruption of Polar vortex and the upcoming winter

Polar vortex located in the north Pole keeps the cold air on the polar region. Now due to disruption of the polar vortex our forecasts show extreme temperatures! Eventhough the reading look wild, freezing cold weather means dry and still air. When sun rises higher the pastel tones of red and blue will continue to colour the skies.

Photos and video taken with a cellphone. Battery lasted almost the entire visit.

Material by:

Polar night bender Antti Pietikäinen