A week full of Lappish culture, local food and a selection of our best activities, all while based in our
small exclusive eco resort Torassieppi

Torassieppi Eco Reindeer Resort is a small-scale resort offering sustainable & low carbon holiday experiences.

Based in the cultural village of Torassieppi you are far from the bigger centres  and surrounded by pristine nature. Spirit of Lapland includes all the bucket list activities you want to experience, not to mention local & organic food which we serve in the heart of Lapland.

And because we want to offer you a sustainable and unforgettable holiday experience, most of the activities start on spot from the resort. Join us for a week full of experiences whilst respecting our heritage and nature. 


Stay in a small eco resort surrounded by pristine nature and the traditional village of Torassieppi 

Enjoy organic & local food 

Starting from 1790€ / person

Jan to March in Torassieppi Eco Reindeer Resort


Winter clothing

7 Nights full board

Farewell dinner


Spirit of Lapland holiday package is available in
Torassieppi Eco Reindeer Resort

Accommodation options vary from comfortable wilderness-style hotel rooms or cabins in Harriniva Adventure Resort.


Day 1

Day 2-7

Day 8


  • Local culture reindeer programme & 3km reindeer ride 
  • Aurora campfire 
  • 15km Husky adventure 
  • Ski like a finn 
  • AuroraHut glass igloo overnight 
  • Finnish tastes 
  • Aurora Snow Train 
  • 40km Snowmobile adventure & husky farm visit 
  • Snowshoe hike in national park 
  • Arctic Sauna World visit