Koskenlaskua Muoniojoella

Experience Lapland’s biggest rapids!


Rapids of Muoniojoki are once-in-a-lifetime experience. Once the rubber boat climbs up to a 2m water and next one makes you soaking wet you’ll understand why rafting is so popular! Eventhough our waves are quite big rafting suits the whole family!


Muonio river, border river and Europe’s longest free-running river

540km long river starts from Kilpisjärvi where it’s name is Könkämäeno. Name changes to Muoniojoki river when it connects with Lätäseno in the village of Markkina.
When travelling downstream towards south Muoniojoki river connects to Torniojoki river in the village of Lappea.

Torniojoki river flow into gulf of Bothnia through the city of Tornio and Haparanda, Sweden.
River is also the border river between Finland and Sweden throughout it’s lenght.
During the rafting trip you’ll visit Sweden around 10-20 times!

Group size min. 4 pers.

Age limit min. 4 years, during flooding season in early June min. 15 years

Raft size 4-12 pers

Lenght approx. 6km with 25-45min duration on water (varies with the water height)

Skill level No need for previous experience. Eventhough the waves are high, our rapids are techniqally easy and the programme is also suitable for those with special needs. 

Following the programme form ashore You can follow the trip from ashore from two spots accesible with a car. Pahtonen parking spot 3km downstream and Äijäkoski viewpoint 5km downstream from Harriniva 

Clothing Programme includes safety gear, PFD’s and helmet. We also provide rubber boots and rainclothes. 

Koskenlasku lähtee Harrinivan lomakeskuksesta. Osoite on Harrinivantie 35, 99300 Muonio. Opas hakee teidät hotellin etupihalta. Koskenlaskun aloituspaikka on Harrinivian rannassa

Experience the wild rapids of Lapland!

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