Mervi “Meku” Regina


Rest in peace Teno, my big and so belowed leader dog. Your journey ended too early. Your destiny was badly broken shoulder. You probably jumped down from top of your house and landed poorly. There was nothing I could do. I only had option to releave you from your pain

Three years ago when you were born I was so excited! There was a pack of seven lively puppies. As soon as you started moving, I lost my heart to you. You were quick and energetic with your big floppy ears and thin legs. You were curious about your surroundings but at the same time so obedient. I had a very strong bond with you as early as first weeks of our time. I immediately saw that you were special. I had that same feeling once before. That was with your father Pältsa ten years ago.

You grew up to be a strong and big boy. Already as young as three years old you were the king of your pack. When you were 1,5 years old I put you in lead with your father. I knew you had potential but still you caught of me off guard and completely surprised me. If we were having a break you would lay still next to your father. No matter what was happening around us. Noisy children or roaring snowmobiles didn’t bother you. I admired your calm and confident stillness. If the track was full of snow it was a fun challenge for you. You hopped around like an excited rabbit looking for the hidden snow covered track. I knew you were a treasure. My future best leader.

We didn’t have that many customers during our last winter. But during our excercise runs you proved what  I already knew. You were a true leader. You enjoyed your workd and you were good at it!

Besides a good leader dog I lost my belowed friend. You and your big, intelligent eyes giving me that curious gaze. You were humble and obedient. You were funny. Always when I scratched you, you pushed your body against me. You touched my heart every day.
You going away has been my biggest loss over my 20 year career. You were so special and you were my dearest. You left too early and I miss you so. Run free Teno.