The Best Job Ever - Harriniva Ambassador

This post is written by our Harriniva Ambassador – Laura. She was the one who got the chance to experience all our activities during our winter season. Let’s see what Laura has to say about her time in Harriniva!


The Best Job Ever,

took me to Finnish Lapland to spend one month with Harriniva to experience all the activities and document them along the way. This threw me into the wilderness way of living, and led me to see a whole new culture and understanding of this unique part of the world.


Husky Resting


The activities,

ranged from the more fast paced snowmobiling and husky safaris, heading off the beaten track, through forests and across frozen lakes, taking in the vast and beautiful landscapes as you move through it in local style. The huskies were always excited to get going! Steering them through the snow and sorting out their harnesses really gave me an insight into the life of a husky guide. I was stoked to have my own pack! All activities are deep in the wilderness indifferent spots so I got to explore the wider areas surrounding Muonio. I went speeding around the track on the frozen lake while ice karting, then moved it down a gear and went horse riding through the deep snow and headed dreamily into the forest. I love how all the activities are connected through nature, but in their own different ways. Another important moment not to be forgotten…the reindeer aurora experience had me amazed. As I sat in the sleigh under a rug, the reindeer guided us across the frozen lake in Torassieppi and the green and purple aurora lit up the sky. It was phenomenal! Something out of this world and supernatural, and a moment to be in awe of the beauty of nature. The lights swirled and flowed across the starry sky and we all chatted about it around the open fire.


Aurora Borealis Lapland


There were many opportunities,

to learn about the local culture and one of them was taking part in the Lappish Foodie Experience, where one of the guides cooked up a local style dinner on an open fire with hand-picked mushrooms and berries from the forest and also local reindeer. The Local Culture activity taught me a lot about the reindeer herders and the history of the farm, before setting off in a reindeer led sleigh into the forest. Some reindeer misbehaving, others more relaxed and others eager to go faster! It gave me a real insight into how things work around Lapland behind the scenes. Another way I got to know real Finnish culture was throwing myself into the ice hole at the Smoke Sauna!! An invigorating experience that totally reset me to say the least. And when there’s no ice hole… snow. Yep, I thought they were joking but apparently not! I highly recommend doing this. Seeing the Finnish people tackle it with a calm serenity was a mindful inspiration. Taking the time out to relax your mind and using the sauna as its own form of meditation was an interesting learning curve for me, one I feel we could all learn from. Maybe these elements are the link to Finland being the happiest country in the world?



The overnight stays,

were a definite highlight of the trip. The accommodation and set ups seemed to be occasions to happen only once in a blue moon, not to be forgotten! Watching the northern lights move across the sky from the aurora dome while sitting next to a roaring fire was an unbelievably romantic set up right in front of the tranquillity of the lake. Meanwhile the overnight wilderness lodge stay was off the beaten track via snowmobile, with huge windows overlooking the forest, where mealtimes were spent chatting with new people by the fire. We wandered to the sauna and gazed at the aurora dancing across the sky for hours. Last but not least… the ice hotel. Definitely not one to forget in an arctic sleeping bag as I lay beneath a mural of a women with sweeping hair lit up by pink lights. The ice hotel walls are engraved with Lappish mythology and goddesses throughout, in the peaceful Torassieppi.


Snow Hotel Sculpture


My trip to Lapland,

surpassed everything I imagined. This vast and tranquil wilderness is something you can’t find anywhere else, and the simplicity of living and reconnecting to nature was a humbling experience. The passion people at Harriniva have for the wilderness and doing every activity in parallel with nature is inspiring. It’s an awesome place to fully immerse yourself into nature and this beautiful part of the world.

-Laura Duncan