welcome to harriniva!

welcome to harriniva!

We are happy to welcome you to our Best In Wilderness -team!

We all are very excited about the winter season and having you with us to deliver dream holidays for our dear guests in Muonio. It feels fantastic to be together again and we would like to warmly welcome all new members onboard in our superb team.  From this page you will find the basic information about our company, policy, your benefits and our expectations for you.  We are looking forward to working with you with a strong passion for Lapland and hospitality at Harriniva Hotels & Safaris.

Let’s make an amazing winter season together!

Pyry Talvensaari

Basic info about Harriniva


Harriniva was founded in the summer 1973 as a small camping place next to the Muonio river. Eini and Hannes Pietikäinen sold their family home and moved to a small cabin by the camping ground in order to start their dream as tourism entrepreneurs and begin the story of Harriniva. 

The company saw rapid growth from summer tourism to winter and adventure products since the second generation, Köpi Pietikäinen with his wife Maria took over in the 90s.

In 20 years the company grew to be one of the most well known Finnish tourism companies in Europe. Third generation of family Pietikäinen has become part owners of the company in 2013 and are proud to continue the success story of Harriniva Hotels & Safaris -group and the brand of Best in Wilderness.  

Powering from the over 48 years of history and looking to the future in the changing toursim business, making sure Harriniva Hotels & Safaris -name is still connected with values: nature, responsibility and quality.  

Ps. Even though Harri Niva could be a finnish name, the company name Harriniva originates from the old name of the camping place. Harri means grayling (the fish) and niva is a small rapid in the river. 


We provide once in a lifetime holidays for our guests in the beautiful and unique nature in Lapland.  

We are creative and responsible forerunner in tourism, ​best family business in Lapland, representing the Lappish lifestyle and amazing wilderness for our international guests in cozy manner.


  • 5 destinations: Harriniva, Jeris, Torassieppi, Galdotieva and Kilpis
  • Activities and safari programmes for individuals and groups
  • 2 hotels, 3 campsites, cabin villages
  • Special accommodation, including wilderness cabins, snow igloos and Aurora Domes
  • Winter Village and ice restaurants in Torassieppi
  • 3 Restaurants, special Kota (hut) restaurants
  • Reindeer farm and husky farms
  • Arctic Sauna World

  • Mother nature heats our hotels
  • Here you will breathe the world’s cleanest air according WHO study
  • Established in 1847 Torassieppi is one of Finland’s oldest reindeer farms
  • High quality water straight from the tap
  • All of our destinations are located next to one of Europe’s last wilderness

Best In Wilderness – mindset

What is
Best in Wilderness?

  • Wilderness style & simple hotel rooms and cabins, with good beds, nature materials, 3+ stars
  • Luxus comes from high end services. Personal, international, close to the person which shows the personal talent 
    nature of each service personnel
  • Long safaris and small group sizes, the whole business idea is to bring the guests to the nature and present the real wilderness of Lapland. 
  • Operate in the real wilderness, all locations in the forest, next to river or lake, on the boarder to national park. Statistically measured cleanest air in the world, drinking quality waters and original Lappish lifestyle.
  • 5500 wilderness overnights / year, wilderness cabins, snow hotel, glamping luxury tent/Aurora Domes by the lake. Spend a night in one of the Europe´s last wildernesses.
  • Smell, taste, feel the wilderness. Every guest has at least one meal outdoors, many also overnight there. Making fire, cutting the firewoods, heating the sauna together. All meals also outdoors from fresh ingredients.
  • Sustainability: When operating in the nature we respect it, only marked trails, don’t destroyor leave anything there, fight for the forrests, geothermal heating, Kupilka etc.
  • Responsible tourism: Based on real Lappish culture heritage and family, respecting the indigenous Sami people, local food.

What is not Best in wilderness

  • No TV, no radio, phones. Rooms are not the reason to come, but the outdoor activities are. No gold and glamour. Luxury is in the outdoors.
  • Ties and bows are out, everyone wears  the same overalls when our guests are here living  their dream holiday.  
  • Avoid the image of mass product and  large group sizes. Real and unique experience  quaranteed for all our guests.  
  • No city, no ski centres, no traffic lights, no shopping centers etc.


  • No electricity or running water, no city lights next to wilderness accommodation, 
    but extraordinary experiences.


  • No dry meals and bag soups, guide doesn’t make everything ready, but the guests participate.  


  • No paper / plastic disposable plates and cups. 
    More info see our sustainability programme.


  • No fake sami or Lappish products, services or souvenirs. More info see our sustainability programme.

Sustainability programme

We at Harriniva see us to be privileged of the surrounding nature, of which we must all take really good care. We have been committed on being a pioneer in responsible tourism both in Finland and worldwide. Our main goal is to be the carbon neutral holiday destination.

Preserve the wilderness: Sustainable tourism 

As a responsible operator we consider natural awareness as our obligation when operating in one of the few unspoilt areas of the world, close to the great Pallas-Yllästunturi national park and in the reindeer herding areas. 

Sell global, act local

Harriniva is an internationally recognized operator, 95% of our guests come from outside Finland, in 2015 we had guests from 45 different countries. We are a recognisably large employee in the area and find it important to leave as much of the income to the area as possible. 

Promote traditions and welfare

As a family company established in 1973 and originating from Muonio area, our aim is to show our guests the real Lappish lifestyle. All services are kept close to the nature, respecting the Lappish traditions, Sami culture and animal welfare. 

More info about our sustainability programme


We have our own training protocol and process which you will be participating when starting your work.
Your supervisor will lead the process and you will be given all the introductions and training on the spot with documentation.

Covid guidelines

 We follow national, regional and local corona guidelines. We expect that you will follow these instructions so that we can guarantee a health safety for the staff, guests and local people. It is highly recommended that all our guests and staff are fully vaccinated.

Follow these general guidelines:

  • We all follow the face mask recommendation. We will use a face masks always indoors and in areas and situations where safety distance cannot be maintained.
  • Ensure good hand and cough hygiene:
    • Wash your hands with soap (20 s) regularly
    • Use a hand sanitizer when you cannot wash your hands.
    • Cough and sneeze in your upper arm.
    • If you need to mow or spit, do it with a disposable papertowel and wash your hands.
    • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed your hands.
    • Use only your own towels and drinking bottles and encourage the use of your own utensils.
  • Avoid close human contact and maintain a safety distance of at least two meters.
  • Please do not hang around indoors (restaurants, pubs, receptions) if not needed or you are not working.
  • If you are fully vaccinated and have Covid symptoms and also you suspect that you might have been exposed to Covid, you have to go to the test. If you do not have been exposed to the covid, you do not have to go to test.
  • If you are sick, do not come to work. First take a quick test provided by us. Contact your supervisor to get introductions.
  • Covid positive will be 10 days in quarantine.
  • Exposed, fully vacinated, need test in 1 day and then second 3-5 days.

  • Exposed, not vacinated, quarantine will be always minimum 10 days.

  • Decission about possible quarantines in different cases will be always made by local health authority.
  • More information concerning Covid-19 policy 


Staff benefits for winter 2021-2022


  • Reduction in restaurants is 20%.  
  • Reductions in souvenir shops is 25%. 
  • Reduction in accommodation 50 % 
  • Breakfast (4 €), lunch and dinner (5,87 €) are provided daily in the staff dining rooms.   
  • Coffee is free for staff members and trainees from the coffee machine in the staff room
  • Hotel saunas are warmed daily 20:00-21:00 for the staff use  
  • Visits to the husky farms for free of charge 
  • Short husky safari outside of high season for free of charge
  • The rental price for snowmobile private use is 40€/day, fuel not included 
  • Arctic Sauna World entrance 5 € for stafffamily members max 5 pax at time -50% 
  • Gym card -75 %  (ask more options from supervisor)
  • Free equipment rental
  • Staff price for massage 1 €/ 1 min provided by Arctic PoveRelax
  • Health services: Employees are entitled to preventive occupational health care provided by Harriniva. Lääkäriasema Terva.   

our expectations for you

You are part of our service mission, creating for our guests an unforgettable holiday experience. An experience which each one of us puts into practice through our own happy and cheerful customer service-minded attitude.

  • Keep a smile on your face!

  • React flexibly and in a friendly manner to our guests and always make them feel valued and welcome. 

  • Advise guests and help them to solve their problems.

  • Always do you best to complete our guests experiences.
  • Always greet guests and colleagues.
  • Have a care for other member of staff and help without being asked to.

  • Clean up after yourself and take care of general cleanliness without being asked.

  • Conduct yourself confidently and calmly in all situations.  If necessary get advice from your supervisor.
  • We have zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs in working time. 
  • Follow Covid guidelines.

SOCIAL MEDIA: If you are passionable social media user, please feel free to make some memories and pics during your adventures here, always tag us and share it! 
Please note that you are not allowed to publish any material of our guests without their permissions. However general images and images where you can not recognize guests are more than welcome.

Follow us, tag us and use #Harriniva

Let’s spread the magic of Lapland together!

@harriniva_official @arcticsaunaworld

If you have any questions concerning anything, please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor. 

Contact info for our executive team

Pyry (Hanna-Mari) Talvensaari
+358 40 570 0268

Hanne Tohmo
Sales & Marketing Manager
+358 40 744 1336

Jussi Pietikäinen
Operational Manager – Safaris & Transportation
+358 40 764 5978

Sanna Pietikäinen
Operational Manager – Hotels & Restaurants
+358 40 032 6637

Milla Välikangas
Financial Manager
+358 40 557 4240

Hanna Huhtamäki
Manager of Husky Product & HR
+358 40 578 6687

Riku Pyykkönen
Property Manager
+358 40 726 8881

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