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With over 40 years of experience, we organize diverse activities in summer and winter.

In the summer, our guests don’t have to spend days lying in bed! We have plenty of interesting activities to experience. We offer, among other things, lots of different activities with animals. However, if the huskies swinging tail, the company of reindeer, or the joyful horses is not your thing, how about a fishing in the clear waters of Muonio? If you are looking for something more exciting, you can jump into the inflatable boat and experience the wild rapids of Muonio River. We also recommend our peaceful hiking programs and magical canoe trips in the crystal-clear waters.

Choose yours from our online store and let’s make the most memorable summer holiday for you!

During the winter season, we are a dream destination for an active person. With us, you can experience unforgettable experiences with the husky safaris, romantic reindeer sled rides or by riding with horses under the Northern Lights. For bigger horsepower, you can find multiple snowmobile safaris that offers unforgettable scenery and speed for you. If you are still looking for something more special for a winter dream holiday, how about ice carting on Muonio River or one of our magical Northern Lights Safari?

You can find more detailed descriptions of our activities in our online store.

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