Welcome to refuel yourself and your car in Galdotieva, the last stop before the Norwegian border. Galdotieva has lot to offer and it has a big variety of different services. The atmospheric cottage accommodations with fell landscape ensures a comfortable stay. However, if you are looking for a tent or caravan places in the summer, you’ll find them here! In addition to staying at Galdotieva, you will find border shop and restaurant services where you can fill your stomach and shopping bag. Remember to refuel or recharge your vehicle before leaving?

You are more than welcome to come shopping and dining with us. By staying with us you can experience the magic of the real wilderness of Lapland!


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Galdotieva is located right on the shore of Lake Palojärvi. The village of Palojärvi is an old Sámi village where traditional reindeer herding has is practiced to this day. The location is a paradise for an outdoor person, where in the summer there is a possibility to hike in the fells, do some fishing, go canoeing and do trips with mountain bikes. Autumn hiking guarantees you the chance to admire “ruska”, the colourful Autumn Colours of vivid red, orange and yellow as the nature prepares for the winter. Don’t forget the winter when you can enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing trips, ice fishing, the amazing Northern Lights and the silence of the Polar Night by the campfire. We also arrange tailor-made snowmobile and husky sledge safaris for groups.

You can book accommodations in Galdotieva directly via phone.

Ruijantie 2605, FI-99440 Lake Leppäjärvi
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