From Kilpis, you can book a flight to the most exotic fishing waters in Lapland or start hiking in completely new areas. We also rent inflatables, SUP boards and kayaks.


Unique location provides perfect experience to discover ths part of Lapland. Our Polar Flight flies you and your customers comfortably and safely to the best fishing areas and the most beautiful hiking and skiing treks of Northern Finland and Sweden. We provide adventures in to the unspoilt wilderness and amazing mountain lakes.

You can also rent a snowmobile and guide from us. Please notice that in Kilpisjärvi region part of tracks are licensed. For example trip to Halti can be done only with a guide. We also provide packages including Sweden, Norway and Finland on request.

Our greatest pleasure is to introduce you to the unique nature and the fascinating phenomenons in Lapland, like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. We love to offer our ‘Best In Wilderness’ adventures for you. We have wide range of different activities both in summer and winter time. We hope you will find Your holiday here in Lapland will be one of your ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. So whenever you seek to escape your everyday life, welcome to Kilpisjärvi.

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