Good to know

These things is good to keep in mind before flight

Gas bottles and burning fluids should be brought to the plane unopened, where they will be packed separately.

Weight limit is 350 kilos per flight, including passengers and all the luggage. The weight will be counted double for any cargo transferred outside the plane, such as canoe or boat.

Mobile phone signals are very weak in the mountain area.

Weather in the mountains is very unpredictable and can change rapidly. This may influence the flight schedules. It is best to be prepared with sufficient time and weatherproof clothing.

Nature in the area is protected, we ask you to respect it to keep it in its natural state. See here for further information on your rights and duties in the mountains.

Fishing permits are obligatory. You can by them in the local shops, tourist information or directly from us.

Facilities in the area are quite comprehensive. Contact us if you would like to rent sauna, boats, canoes or equipment. 

We wish you a safe flight with polar Flight!