Reindeer farm

You are welcome to visit one of Finland’s oldest reindeer farms

The Lapinkartano Manor is the heart of the Torassieppi reindeer farm. The reindeer farm has been owned by the same family since 1847 and the reindeer herding has been practiced here for over a hundred years. Lapinkartano has also been a hostelry, where the reindeer sleigh safaris with tourists have stopped on their way from Muonio to Pallastunturi.

In the manor house and in the reindeer museum you can explore the history of the reindeer farm. The museum features original equipment used on the farm. Every object has its own mission here and each has its own story. There is a good reason why the farm and all the equipment still exist. During the Lapland War (during second world war), there was no roads to Torassieppi, so the village and Lapinkartano Manor was not destroyed like most of Lapland.

On the farm, you can meet our reindeer by the fence where they live and they are fed. You can come to admire and greet the reindeer. You can also buy treats for reindeer from Torassieppi’s restaurant and feed the reindeer by the fence.

We also organize hiking trips with reindeer during the summer season and sled rides of different lengths in winter. If you wish, you can combine a reindeer activity with a lunch by the campfire. The most unique experience is to go for an evening reindeer sled ride in to a quiet forest, where the darkness is only illuminated by the stars and by the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.