Here you can find useful tips, when you are dreaming of a holiday in real Lapland or when you want to know more about us and the natural wonders surrounding us.

Harriniva is a family-owned business, with five destinations located in northwestern Lapland, next to the most beautiful fells and untouched wilderness. Founded in 1973, Harriniva, with its solid experience, produces a memorable holiday that is sure to be told at home. We feel that our mission is to act as responsibly as possible in the field of tourism and to teach the same ways to all our guests.

It’s easy to come here! Come, for example, by flying to the nearest airport in Kittilä. We arrange field transfers on request. You can also reach Kittilä and Kolari by train, from where you can continue by bus to Muonio. With our own car, it is easy for you to come here by driving the roads number 21 or 79. With own car it is easy to visit Sweden and Norway.

All five locations in Harriniva family are located in unique environments that allow you to take apart on unforgettable activities such as river rafting and several-day long husky safaris. Our locations are also well suited for admiring the wonders of nature, such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Hotel Harriniva, Hotel Jeris and Torassieppi are located just off the Ylläs-Pallas National Park. Muonio is known as the happiest town in the world and that might be affected by the fact that here you breathe the cleanest air in the world.