Arctic Sauna World

Arctic Sauna World –
Relax your mind and body by holy lake Jerisjärvi

After a day of exploring the fells and nature of Lapland, your excursion naturally continues to Jeris Arctic Sauna World, located in Jeris Lakeside Resort.


From 10.6. onwards
open daily at 15.00 – 22.00


Jerisjärventie 91
FI-99300 Muonio



Please note that you need to book a ticket before arrival.

Sauna tickets will come on sale online for two (2) weeks at a time.

We accept common employee beneficiarys. Use code ASWVIRIKE when booking and pay on spot.

Single ticket 30 €

Child ticket 15 € (4-12 years)

Family ticket
(2 adults, 2 children) 60 €*

Sauna ticket includes towel rental. Remember to take your own swimsuit with you or rent one from Arctic Sauna World reception.

10 x Sauna pass 240 € **
(Valid 12 months from purchase. Pass is household based.)

*When booking a family ticket use code ASWFAMILY
and pay on spot when arriving.

**If you have a 10 x sauna pass, use code ASW10X to book, and show your 10 x pass to the cashier.

Arctic Sauna World is located between
Jeris Lakeside Resort and Lake Jerisjärvi.

Jeris Arctic Sauna World

Our five different saunas cleanse both mind and body, and the calming view over lake Jerisjärvi puts a finishing touch on total relaxation.

Sauna is holy to the Finns

We named four of our saunas after Finnish folklore gods: Tapio, Ukko, Ilmatar and Vellamo. Each god ruled over the element their sauna represents: earth, fire, wind and water.

On the shore of lake Jerisjärvi, the four elements come together to form a fifth, steam (“löyly”). The icing on the cake is our aurora sauna Repo with large windows for Northern Lights watching.

Cool off in lake Jerisjärvi all year round

In summer, you’ll stroll to the water on a sandy beach, and in winter, we have a hole in the lake ice.

The ice hole is accessible for both first-time dippers and experienced winter swimmers.

Bathing in a sauna and winter swimming are claimed to have several positive health effects.

Find your way to feel good

We created Arctic Sauna World not only for physical and mental wellbeing, but for everyone to discover their preferred way of enjoying the sauna culture we love so much.

In Finland, sauna is often a pleasant social event, where people openly discuss the profound things in life.

Five themed saunas and arctic swimming

Choose your favourite from our four elements saunas and Northern Lights sauna. Cool off with a dip in lake Jerisjärvi – either on a sandy beach or a hole in the ice.


The fire sauna

In Finnish folklore, Ukko is the king of all gods and the master of weather and thunder.

That’s why our most traditional sauna, the smoke sauna, belongs to Ukko.

This dark and atmospheric sauna is hot and fiery when tempted. The best way to enjoy it is to pour water gently on one spot of the stove for slowly increasing and relaxing heat.


The earth sauna

Tapio is the antlered king of the forest, protector of the animals.

In this sauna, you’ll find the feeling of earth and forest while enjoying the “löyly”, hot steam.

The sauna has four massive stoves: North, East, South and West, as well as a “löyly” divider – unique characteristics you won’t find in any other sauna on earth.


The water sauna

Vellamo is the goddess of water, the ruler of lakes and rivers.

This sauna has a panoramic view over lake Jerisjärvi and delivers soft and steamy heat.

Over the stove, there’s a bowl that gently drips water and slowly increases heat and humidity, letting you enjoy the beautiful lake scenery outside the window.


The air sauna

Ilmatar is the goddess of wind and the first mother at the beginning of time.

The sauna of Ilmatar has no fire but infrared heaters inside a “kota”, Lappish tepee, that provides gentle heat.

This is half a sauna, half a relaxing room for enjoying the sounds and warm breeze of Lappish summer nature.


The Northern Lights sauna

Repo is an old Finnish term for fox. Revontulet, fox fire, is Finnish for the Northern Lights.

Our Repo sauna is a two-floor panorama view experience of the northern sky and lake Jerisjärvi.

The upstairs lounge can be converted to a four-person sleeping space. The facilitites include a private toilet, changing room and showers.

Arctic swimming

Take a cooling dip in lake Jerisjärvi before, after and during sauna.

In summer it’s on a sandy beach, in winter in a hole in the frozen lake!

Sauna lounge with a view

Relax between the saunas in our lounge with large windows.

Help yourself to complementary spring water. Other refreshments like beer, cider and soft drinks are available at the Arctic Sauna World reception.


NOV 2023 – APR 2024

Book Arctic Firefox Lodge just for you

When you book our Arctic Firefox Lodge for a private function, you still have access to the other four saunas of Arctic Sauna World.


3 hours – 350 € + 30 € / person entrance fee

Max 10 persons

Booking and info

+358 400 155 100

Sauna with panoramic view of lake Jerisjärvi

Aurora lounge with 360-degree view through glass roof


Changing room



Snacks and beverages available on request

Arctic Sauna World restaurant

Come and eat or enjoy refreshing drinks between saunas!
We serve Á la carte menu
between 17-21.

Arctic wellness treatments

Make your sauna experience even more enjoyable with a massage.

We offer massages starting from 11.12.2023
until the end of April 2024

Classic / sport massage

Nurturing massage in classical style. This massage is good for recovering and relaxing your muscles.

10 min / 23 €*
20 min / 45 €
45 min / 65 €
60 min / 82 €
75 min / 97 €

*Seated massage


Arctic PoweRelax
Soile Sivonen, trained masseuse
+358 40 768 8864

Or enquire at Jeris Lakeside Resort reception

Hot stone massage

This nurturing massage combines heat treatment and traditional massage.

Warm stones relax your body and traditional massage relieves stress and loosens your muscles. Organic massage oil puts a hint of luxury into the efficient massage.

30 min / 65 €
90 min / 135 €

Our location

Find Jeris Arctic Sauna World in Jeris Lakeside Resort, 20 kilometres east of Muonio town centre, next to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.