Jeris Lakeside Resort –
natural beauty and peace by holy lake Jerisjärvi

Considered sacred in indigenous Sámi mythology, lake Jerisjärvi and the surrounding forests and fells instantly put your mind to rest.

Opening for summer season 10.6.2024

08 – 22

Breakfast 08 – 10

Arctic Sauna World info here


Jerisjärventie 91
FI-99300 Muonio

+358 400 177 600



Arriving at Jeris Lakeside Resort will make you feel happy, because you’ve found an incredibly beautiful spot for your holiday in Lapland.

Pure nature wherever you look

Only a stone’s throw away from your hotel door, you pass through the gate of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and enter the hiking trails and ski tracks of Finland’s most storied outdoor terrain.

The gentle ascent to the national scenery of Keimiötunturi fell starts from the hotel door. Take deep breaths, as the world’s cleanest air has been measured on the adjacent Sammaltunturi fell.

A frozen lake – your Aurora theatre

In winter, the frozen lake Jerisjärvi is not only amazing for walks and cross-country skiing, but nature’s own arena for Northern Lights shows and the twinkling of millions of stars.

Classic outdoor hub

You’ll stay in a hotel room or a cabin, and all our outdoor activities are available right at the door. Previously owned by the Outdoor Association of Finland, Jeris Lakeside Resort has a history as a cross country skiing hub.

The past is present in the restaurant and downstairs bar, where old wooden skis and memorabilia decorate the walls.

Wellness culture in Arctic Sauna World

We warmly recommend you step into Jeris Arctic Sauna World on the hotel grounds.

Choose your favourite from the five themed saunas and take a dip in lake Jerisjärvi – on the sandy beach in summer or in an ice hole in winter.

Have a relaxing stay in our hotel or cabins – or try AuroraHuts

No matter what type of accommodation you choose, nature is always at the doorstep in Jeris Lakeside Resort.

Activities and passivities

Jeris Lakeside Resort and Arctic Sauna World lie right by the beautiful lake Jerisjärvi.

Just a stroll away rises Keimiötunturi fell in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, one of Finland’s best-known outdoor destinations.

All our activities start right outside the hotel door.

We’re right at the heart of some of Lapland’s most iconic outdoor area.

Also: have a deeper look at our nature activities and multi-day holiday packages.

Husky tours and arctic sled dog centre

Reindeer tours

Snowmobile tours

Northern Lights tours


Ice fishing

Cross-country skiing

Northern Lights overnighting

Arctic Sauna World experience

White water rafting



Equipment rental

Enjoy the food, the view and outdoor tradition

The restaurant at Jeris Lakeside Resort reflects the hotel’s history as a cross-country skiing hub of the Outdoor Association of Finland.

Old wooden skis decorate the walls, the large fireplace glows warm and the wide windows present a beautiful view over lake Jerisjärvi. Choose your best spot from our 130 seats.

We serve breakfast in hotel. À la carte is served in Arctic Sauna World restaurant next to the Hotel.

Pub Piilopaikka is your favourite 
Hiding Spot

Located at the hotel downstairs, Pub Piilopaikka (yes it stands for “Hiding Spot”) is the place to kick back after a day out in the world’s cleanest air.

Have a drink and relax by the fireplace, find yourself a good book from the shelf or play board games with friends – and why not strangers. Cheers!

Arctic Sauna World & Wellness services

Arctic Sauna World is an experience for both body and spirit in Jeris Lakeside Resort.

Sauna is holy to the Finns, and Arctic Sauna World showcase five different ways to this relaxing pastime.

Complete the experience with wellness services, food and drinks. See more on the Arctic Sauna World page.

Holiday packages

Top package holidays at Jeris Lakeside Resort

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Best of Lapland

The original adults-only Lapland adventure package. All the essentials for your Lapland holidays!
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr
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Time out!

Short break with all the essential elements for your own unique holiday!
Jan, Feb, Mar
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Best of Northern Lights

Seven nights dedicated to Aurora hunting in the best location for the Northern Lights – Lapland!

Our location

Find us 20 kilometres east of Muonio town centre by lake Jerisjärvi, next to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.