Arctic Sauna World

Five saunas between the fells, next to the national park on the shore of the sacred lake Jerisjärvi.

Arctic Sauna World

Five saunas between the fells, next to the national park on the shore of the sacred lake Jerisjärvi


17.-19.11.22 Thu-Sat 15-22
24.-26.11.22 Thu-Sat  15-22
27.11.22 – 10.4.23 Mon-Sun 15-22

You should come to the saunas
in time, because it can easily
take a few hours in our saunas.


Single ticket 30€
Family ticket 60€
(2 adults, 2 children)


Hotel Jeris & Arctic Sauna World
Jerisjärventie 91
99300 Muonio

+358 401 831 973

Rent Repo-Sauna for private use

You can rent Repo-sauna privately for your party and also visit other saunas at the same time!


  • Sauna with a panoramic view over lake Jeris
  • Aurora lounge with 360 degree view glass roof
  • Jacuzzi
  • Changing facilities
  • Shower & WC

Ask for our snack menu and beverages for your event!

350€ / 3 hours+ entrance fee of 20€ / person

Max 10 persons

More info & bookings:

+358 400 155 100


Friends in smoke sauna

Ukko – The Fire Sauna

Ukko, the king of all gods, Master of weather and thunder. Our most traditional sauna, the smoke sauna belongs to Ukko. During the heating process smoke goes through the whole sauna colouring it black and giving the scent of smoke. This dark atmospheric sauna provides fiery and hot Löyly if you ask for it. 

The best way to enjoy löyly is to pour water gently on one spot of the stove. This way the hot steam doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, but instead gives a slowly increasing relaxing heat. 

Couple relaxing in Sauna

Tapio – The Earth Sauna

Tapio is the antlered king of the forest, protector of the animals. In this sauna you can find the feeling of earth and forest besides löyly. Sauna is split in to four directions; North, East, South and West. Four massive stoves and the löyly divider in the middle of the sauna is unique character you don’t find in any other sauna. 

Tapio is the biggest sauna in the Arctic Sauna World and similar to sauna of Ukko. You can get a really good and hot sweat in this sauna if you wish. 

Ladies relaxing in second floor sauna

Vellamo –  The Water Sauna

Vellamo, the goddess of the water, the ruler of lakes and rivers. Wherever there is water, Vellamo is present. This sauna has a panoramic view over lake Jerisjärvi. Löyly of Vellamo, the steam that rises from the stove is soft and moist giving a gentle heat throughout the sauna. Increased humidity of the sauna brings the presence of water elements into the sauna. 

On top of the stove there is bowl which can be filled with water. Slowly dripping water gently brings up the heat and humidity giving you the chance to enjoy the gentle touch of löyly and the scenery of lake Jerisjärvi. 

Four people relaxing in Ilmatar Saunna

Ilmatar –  The Air Sauna

Ilmatar, the goddess of wind and the first mother in the beginning of times.
Sauna of Ilmatar has no fire or thick walls. Infrared heaters inside a traditional kota, Lappish teepee, provides soft and gentle heat. Sauna of Ilmatar is half a sauna, half a relaxing room to enjoy the pure summer nature and windy atmosphere. Sounds of the nature brings you the warm feeling of Lappish summer during the polar night.

Repo sauna – for private relaxation

Tulikettu, the mystical fire fox that lights up the skies with aurora borealis. Sauna of Repo is a two stories panorama sauna located under the open sky of lake Jerisjärvi. Sauna room has a 180 degrees view over lake Jerisjärvi. You can relax and enjoy of night sky through the huge windows at the lounge upstairs. 

Lounge can also be modified into 4 person sleeping space. There are also private toilet, changing room and showers available. 

Arctic swimming

At the Arctic Sauna World you can take a fresh dip in the frozen lake. There is 15m wide area in the lake, which is kept free of ice with pumps.

Relax with the scenery

In the lounge with large windows you can relax between the saunas. Spring water is available free of charge, but other refreshments; beer, cider and long drink you can buy at the reception.

Arctic wellness

Arctic sauna world – treatments


make your sauna experience even more enjoyable!


Classic / sport massage

25 min / 45 €
50 min / 65 €
60 min / 79 €
75 min / 89 €
90 min / 115 €

Classic heat massage:
45min / 75 €60min / 89 €

Head and masseter (jaw) massage:
45min / 75 €

Classic / sport massageTraditional nurturing massage done with classical style.
This massage is good for nurturing, recovering and relaxing your muscle aches.Classic heat massage: This nurturing massage combines heat treatment and traditional massage.
Warm stones makes your body relaxed and traditional massage helps stress and tense muscles.
Organic massage oil gives a hint of luxury into my efficient and relaxing massage.
This massage is good for recovering and relaxing massage for everybody who loves heat.
Head and masseter (jaw) massage:

In this massage i will treat neck, shoulders and and also masseter massage. I also treat masseter muscle inside the mouth.
During the massage I place warm stones on your body to help you relax. This massage is good for those who use a lot of their voice and for those who grind their teeth or feel tension in their masseter.


Ask for availability from reception or
040 768 8864 / Soile

Soile Sivonen – Arctic PoweRelax
Koulutettu hieroja
+358 40 768 8864