Husky advance information

During this safari you will follow the guide into arctic forests, through swamps, over fells and frozen lakes. The small groups will exist of 4–7 people, perfect to get to know new people. In the afternoon you arrive at the wilderness cabins in the forest where you spend the night.

Cabin chores

These cabins have a sleeping area for the whole group, sauna and wilderness toilet. They may not be provided with running water or electricity. The average day will start around 7:00 and will continue until the daily teamwork is done. During this time you will be outdoor doing physical work such as carrying water, preparing dog food, cleaning the dogs’ resting area, chopping wood / frozen meat and of course drive your very own husky team. After a long day outside, you can relax and give your muscles a rest in a very traditional Finnish sauna.

General info

As the weather conditions can vary from -5ºC to even -45ºC you need to be in a good physical condition / health. Meaning that you are able to stand on the runners for few hours, you help the dogs by kicking your sledge in the uphill, and you haven’t had any recent injuries. Everybody drives their own sled, no shared driving possibilities for this program. Should you wish to discontinue the safari for reasons other than emergency evacuation, you will be charged an evacuation fee of 300€ per person.

What to bring with you

  • In springtime good sunglasses and sun lotion
  • Head light and spare batteries
  • Neck pouch for phone and camera
  • Heat packs
  • Working gloves for after safari routines
    (Feeding the dogs carrying firewood)


  • Sweat suit or similar to wear at the cabin
  • Jogging shoes, crocs, etc. inside shoes
  • Personal toiletries
    (Medicine, soap, shampoo etc.)
  • Quick dry towel
  • Small rucksack for things that are needed during the tour

Please note that the maximum luggage weight to take with on a husky tour is 12kg


We recommend following materials:

Wool, synthetic ber or eecePlease avoid cotton clothes and jeansWear layers. Colder weather = More layersUse comfortable clothes which are not too tight under overallIf you wear glasses, we advise you to wear contact lensesTake snow boots one size bigger than your normal size. The air in theboots and having space to move your toes keeps them warm.

  • We recommend following materials:
    Wool, merino, synthetic fibers or fleece
  • Please avoid cotton clothes and jeans
  • Layered clothing. Colder weather = More layers
  • Use comfortable layers that are not too tight under overall
  • Instead of glasses we advice to wear contact lenses
  • Use boots that are a little too big.
    Extra air in the boots acts as an insulator

Overnight at wilderness cabin

  • Please pack your things in a soft backpack or a bag for the overnight safaris. Try not to bring too many things, as it can easily get crowded in the cabins, limit is 12 kg / person
  • Usually we don’t have electricity or running water at the cabins
  • Things that you don’t want to take with you on a safari, you can leave behind in Harriniva in a locked storage room.
  • You can leave all valuables in our safe
    (tickets, money, passport, etc.).
  • If you are a vegetarian, have a special diet or a serious illnesses; please inform us well in advance, preferably when you reserve the tour!
  • Mobile phone coverage may not be available everywhere

Special cases

  • Depending on weather and snow conditions and for the safety and comfort matter of the others we reserve the right to change the routes and the duration of the activities and safaris if necessary.
  • If our guest is noticed to be a potential harm or even danger to him/herself, animals or to others, or is in poor health we also reserve the right to discontinue the safari